Strategic Market Research

At ‘SciData’, our primary purpose is to help clients make successful business decisions by providing market research services and decision support tools. We will enable you to tap the potential of a particular therapeutic space or a product in clinical trials.


Market Research: We provide market research services across all geographies and therapeutic areas. Our expert interviewers and credible interpreters ensure that the exact information is culled out from an exercise. We use a combination of online and telephone interviewing methodologies as suits a particular project.

Business Research: With an access to an exhaustive list of databases and the expertise of our analysts, we provide accurate answers to most important business questions.

Decision Support Tools: We provide a customized, excel based, easy-to-use decision support tool which takes into account every aspect of the real market. We take into account all factors ranging from adherence, compliance, diagnostic rates, treatment rates, exact epidemiology build-up, market shares based on conjoint analysis, and uptake based on analogs picked up from same or similar therapeutic markets. Our decision support tools are as good as the real market.

We also present a compilation of all findings in a slide deck which can directly be used by you in your presentations.

Our recent completed projects:

Forecasting Support for a novel Combination Drug: 2 pharma majors joined hands to launch a combination drug therapy in the dyslipidemia market. XXX was retained for developing the forecast for this product. We ran a primary research exercise in the US with 300 physicians and 30 payers. The exercise included a conjoint analysis, a discrete choice analysis, a patient chart analysis, and a product and market future events module. We successfully projected product sales and also the cannibalization the individual products would experience on launch of the combination therapy

Valuation of a Neuropathic Pain Product: A healthcare investor was looking to buy out a royalty stream resulting from an agreement between 2 pharma companies for a licensed Neuropathic Pain Product. The exercise included a patient allocation exercise, and a product and market future events analysis module. The primary research exercise was conducted across the major European markets through telephone interviews with physicians and payers. The entire project was completed in 3 weeks.

Viability Study of a phase 2 drug: A medium-sized pharma company was deliberating on whether to keep an over-active bladder drug in-house or out-license it to a bigger company. Work from XXX helped the company understand the potential risks and benefits from keeping the product in-house as against licensing it to a pharma major. The primary research exercise conducted for this project included a patient allocation exercise, a managed care impact analysis module and a product and market future events analysis module. Telephone interviews were conducted with physicians in the US and Top 5 U as also with payers in these markets. Project took 4 weeks from start to finish.

Key Capabilities

  • Automated data collection from the web including from unstructured sources.
  • Expertise at locating and utilising online content.
  • Database manipulation.
  • A broad base of current scientific knowledge.